Take and Bake Appetizers


Spinach Dip

three cheeses,

chopped spinach, chipotle

small 6   medium 11


Chicken Croquettes —

A Bistro Favorite!

chorizo, corn, cilantro, salsa verde

small 5   medium 9


Take and Bake



Potato Croquettes

grilled leeks, cheddar,

chili, sour cream

small 6   medium 9   large 14


Roasted Mashed Sweet Potato

savory vanilla,

grilled onion, bread crumbs

small 4   medium 7   large 12



roasted pepper, onion,

squash, eggplant, basil

small 5   medium 8   large 13


Roasted Vegetables

carrots, squash, onion,

parsnip, asparagus

small 5   medium 8   large 13

Take and Bake



Salmon Cakes

fresh salmon, dill, lemon aioli

small 10   medium 19   large 28


Baked Penne

 whole grain, three cheese, marinara

small 9   medium 17   large 26


Amish Chicken Parmesan

marinara, fresh mozzarella,

romano, basil

small 12   medium 21   large 30


Grilled Pork Loin

honey chipotle marinade,

braised apple and cabbage

small 10   medium 19   large 28


Beef Stew with Root Veggies

braised beef, parsnip,

carrot, celery root

small 11   medium 20   large 29


Blackberry Pulled Pork

braised pork, fresh

blackberry bbq sauce

small 7   medium 13   large 24



Take and Bake



Mac and Cheese

fresh cheddar, whole grain pasta

small 4   medium 7


Pork Sliders

blackberry bbq pork,

cheddar, slider buns

small 5   medium 9

(ready to heat and serve in less than 25 minutes)

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